Our Industry Groups are focused on
Food & Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Aviation & Travel Services, Banking, Digital Communications, Mining, Energy, Health Care, Pension, Logistics & Supply Chain, Hospitality & Tourism, Automobile, Digital Communication, Health / Global Health, Oil & Gas (Majors), Energy (Utilities), Food & Agriculture, Logistics / Supply Chain Management, Infrastruture Development, Electronics, Advance Manufacturing, Private Investment, Wood / Paper, Aero Space, Retail & Lifestyle Services, Media / Publishing, Water / Sanitation, Information Technology, Rail Roads, Hotels & Tourism, Health Insurance, Real Estate, Sports / Leisure, High Education, Payment / Financial Technology, Security Technology, Fishery / Forestory, Mining / Metals, Beverages, Shipping / Maritine, Institutional Investors, Events Technology, .

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The Africa Economic Forum industry communities actively work to build a better future enabled by sustainable, inclusive, and resilient industry ecosystems in Africa. Innovation is leading to new value creation, driving equitable growth at scale, thus shaping responsible industry transformation empowering sustainable practices that benefit industries, communities, and the environments in Africa.

The Industry Communities focus on the following five key objectives:

1. Shape Industry Agendas: Lead industry transformation by harnessing the collective power of trusted communities to set agendas that drive positive change.

2. Enhance Future Preparedness: Foster industry resilience through forward-looking knowledge exchanges involving cross-industry and public sector stakeholders, ensuring readiness for upcoming challenges.

3. Drive Innovation and Adaptation: Identify pathways to accelerate innovation and new technology adoption by reimagining business and operating models, utilizing technology as a pivotal enabler.

4. Incubate Transformation: Incubate and amplify transformative ideas by catalyzing collaboration across partners, industries, Forum Centers, and regional teams, sparking actionable solutions.

5. Champion Common Standards: Contribute to progress by informing the development of universal standards that measure advancements consistently across industries.