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The Africa Economic Forum is an organization that brings together the top 100 businesses in each of the leading industries in Africa and the various governments on the continent to work for the accelerated economic growth and development of Africa.

The aim of the Africa Economic Forum is to create a platform for collaboration and partnership between the public and private sector in Africa with the goal of driving sustainable economic development on the continent.

The organization seeks to address the challenges and opportunities facing the African economy and to promote policies and initiatives that will support economic transformation and prosperity for all Africans.
One of the primary aims of the Africa Economic Forum is to facilitate dialogue and cooperation between governments and businesses to address the key economic issues facing Africa. This includes promoting policies that support entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in key sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, and technology.

The organization also aims to foster greater regional integration and cooperation among African countries to promote trade, investment, and economic development across the continent.

Another aim of the Africa Economic Forum is to provide a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and capacity building for African businesses and governments.

The organization seeks to facilitate partnerships and collaboration between businesses and governments to drive economic growth and development. This includes organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange on key economic issues and best practices for promoting economic development in Africa.

The Africa Economic Forum also aims to promote responsible and sustainable business practices on the continent. This includes promoting ethical business conduct, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development practices that will benefit the continent and its people. The organization seeks to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth that benefits all Africans and contributes to the well-being of the continent as a whole.

In addition to these aims, the Africa Economic Forum also seeks to promote Africa as a competitive and attractive destination for investment and business. The organization works to showcase the economic potential of Africa and to promote the continent as a hub for trade, investment, and business opportunities. This involves promoting African businesses and industries on the global stage and working to attract foreign investment and partnership with African businesses and governments.

Overall, the Africa Economic Forum aims to drive economic growth and development in Africa by promoting collaboration and partnership between the public and private sector.

The organization seeks to address the key economic challenges facing Africa and promote policies and initiatives that will support sustainable and inclusive economic development on the continent. By bringing together businesses and governments, the Africa Economic Forum aims to drive economic transformation on the continent and promote prosperity for all.


In pursuit of our mission, the Africa Economic Forum has set the following key objectives:

  • Facilitate Public-Private Partnerships: We aim to foster collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and governments in Africa, facilitating the co-creation of sustainable economic development initiatives.

  • Address Socio-Economic Challenges: We are committed to addressing socio-economic challenges such as poverty, inequality, and access to education and healthcare, working in collaboration with governments and businesses to create sustainable solutions.

  • Advocate for Pro-Business Policies: We work to advocate for policy reforms that support the growth and development of businesses in Africa, championing initiatives that improve the business environment, reduce red tape, and promote innovation.
  • Foster Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building: We strive to facilitate knowledge exchange, mentorship programs, and capacity building initiatives that empower African entrepreneurs and leaders with the skills and resources necessary for success.

  • Drive Innovation and Technology Adoption: We aim to promote and support the adoption of innovative technologies and business practices that have the potential to transform industries, drive economic growth, and improve competitiveness.

  • Promote Investment and Trade: We seek to attract investment, both domestic and international, and promote trade within Africa to stimulate economic activity, create jobs, and encourage entrepreneurship.
In conclusion, the Africa Economic Forum is dedicated to bringing together businesses and governments to accelerate economic growth and development in Africa. By upholding our core values and pursuing our key objectives, we are committed to realizing our vision of a thriving and prosperous Africa for all.

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