About Our Organization

The Africa Economic Forum is a non-for-profit International Organization that seeks to establish a co-creative approach to drive the transformation of the African Economy though improved public private partnership as a basis of the transformation and improved participation of Africa in the global Economy with a view to uplifting the living standard of Africans and providing openings for African businesses to thrive at international levels.

We seek promote Economic growth and development through engagement of the public and private sector into cooperation and collaboration. Furthermore, other affiliates organizations of the forum pursue their interest especially in promoting social progress, improved livelihood and human rights.

We aim to create a platform for change agents to discuss and explore ways to promote inclusive growth in all sector of Africa. Creating a level playing field for stakeholders and government to act adequately on issues that will increase development in the region.

We are driven by Africa's growth and prosperity. At every of our meetings we will gather thought leaders around Africa. We would take immediate action to promote policies in all industry for the rapid and effective change we desire. Our strategy to mitigate challenges facing the continent, empowers the organization to take appropriate measures on different issues and provide a platform multi-sector and multi-country engagement to promote growth and development throughout Africa.

Our work is designed to create a positive impact on part of the African community and focuses on a broad range of fundamental issues, such as sustainable economic growth, protection of the environment and refugees, promote gender equality, adequate youth participation, disaster and relief management as well as promoting peace in all war-thorn parts in Africa. We are guided by the agenda of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our set targets are to ensure that by 2030, Africa would have gotten to an improved stage from its current position. We acknowledge that Africa leads in all agenda of the SDGs, we aim make that change in our approach to work. We believe our adopted approach will make Africa thrive rapidly.